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Customer Segmentation

Target your customers for effective marketing by dividing them into groups based on common characteristics. Increase the success of your strategies.

Product Segmentation

You can have the opportunity to identify and supply the various needs of multiple customer groups. Create right-on-point campaigns to increase your revenue.

Churn Prediction

Create personalized experiences for your brand and act before you lose customers. You can also get insight into exactly which factors explain the risks of churn.

Lost Sales Prediction

When you define the characteristics of the losses, you can easily avoid them. We will define it no matter what the reason is. You won't miss any opportunity to sell.

Sales Forecasting

By using your previous sales data, you can forecast your customer demand just in time. Sales forecasts help you to identify benchmarks and determine incremental impacts of new initiatives, plan resources in response to expected demand, and project future budgets.

Litigation Classification

You will have the power to estimate the litigation status of the file. When the damage file is opened and closed, you will be able to take action according to the litigation status. Let us help you to reduce the difficulties faced in terms of time and cost.

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